Friday, February 19, 2010

Jazzy Lightweight electric wheelchairs

Jazzy electric wheelchairs are very popular now as wheelchair users aim to portray themselves as trendy and not affected by their disability. Most of these electric wheelchairs are actually lightweight electric wheelchairs and suitable for most users as you do not require much strength to use the wheelchairs. As the frame of the wheelchairs are made of light and strong materials, this will not put too much stress on the battery powering the wheelchairs. In fact, a fully charged light weight electric wheelchairs can last almost 4 days without recharging. The appearance of the jazzy wheelchairs are similar to other snazzy wheelchairs in the market and allow the users to customize the color and seats of the wheelchairs for extra comfort and fashion style. Jazzy electric wheelchair is suitable for all ages and they cost as much as the normal wheelchairs.